Dungeon Souls

A crazy, fast-paced roguelike/arcade game


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Dungeon Souls is an arcade/roguelike similar to Nuclear Throne where you go deep into randomly generated dungeons full of enemies and deadly traps. No dungeon is the same as the previous one, although the one thing they all have in common is the same level of hellish difficulty.

Before playing Dungeon Souls, you have to choose one of six playable characters, each with its own attributes, weapons, and powers. The archer, for example, can attack from a distance but is quite weak, while the knight can only perform melee attacks but is very strong.

As you move through the different levels on Dungeon Souls, you can keep improving your character's attributes. You can also find lots of objects that add other effects to your character. To advance through the dungeons of the game, however, you'll need both skill and precision, because neither the traps nor the bad guys will make it easy.

Dungeon Souls is an excellent game whose prime appeal is that it's reminiscent of Nuclear Throne. A real treat for all fans of the genre.
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